Federico Uribe: Beyond Unreal, Part I David= D  Federico= F D     What’s your favorite object to use? The colored Pencil? F     I always  wanted to be a painter. I just wasn’t the painter I wanted to be. Colored pencils are essentially lines of color that you can make in any size. So essentially it’s a […]

David= D  Federico= F D     What was it like growing up in Colombia? F     The fact that it was in Colombia or the fact that I was growing up? D     Let’s say the environment. F     I spent a large part of my childhood, about half, in my grandfather’s farm and the rest of it in […]

I saw a dead body today. It was wrapped in a black body bag and being rolled carelessly by a distracted paramedic talking to his friends. He almost crashed into me -the dead body, not the paramedic-.  I’m assuming it was a he, the body. The only distinguishable features were the tip of the nose […]

A man died today, “I never tasted bacon” he whispered to me.