What’s better than a day at the beach? Maybe add some art, a little food, and some good vibes. That’s what you got at the 15th anniversary of PULSE Miami Beach. Fairgoers were greeted by PULSE Prize Award Nominee Ralph Ziman’s SPOEK 1 set to the background of beautiful Miami Beach. Upon entering the venue […]

Miami Beach, FL – December 4-7, 2014 – PULSE Miami Beach opened the doors to its 10th edition in their new home on the sandy shores of Miami Beach. The new mid-beach setting is vastly different from previous years location at The Ice Palace, in urban Miami. The change in scenery did not mean a […]

Happy Fourth of July everyone and welcome to Pork Belly Times, an editorial born from the frying pan that is Miami in the summer. The blog may find its roots in the sandy beaches of South Florida but with all the sunshine and rainfall we get down here, the branches of topics we’ll discuss have […]

Hello all, my name is David and I’d like to welcome you to a blog that finds its roots in the sandy beaches of South Florida. This is my first experience blogging and like many firsts the flurry of optimistic anticipation fills my fingers as they embrace the keys. For years my friend Steven has […]