Work hard. Play hard. Fry harder!

Bacon will never give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you.   It’s not really a haiku, so what? You just got Rick Rolled… Bacon Style.   You’re welcome, David Collante

I want a cold beer and bacon, crispy bacon. Who else wants bacon? -David Collante

Richard Kurtz: The Man Behind the Art, Part I D= David R= Richard R     When I moved to New York in the late 70’s, early 80’s, I went to this gym on 14th street above this restaurant called Luciao’s. It was a real gym, like South Beach boxing, but more real. You had to walk […]

Deception On the Lord’s Day Sunday Barbecue: See plate of crispy bacon… taste Turkey Bacon. – David Collante

D= David R= Richard D     Thank you Richard, for sitting down with us today. R     Great to be here David as one of the inaugural artists. D     Not just one of the inaugural artists, THE inaugural artist. R     The golden calf to the slaughter (laughter). D   […]

A baby is born. He cries all night, probably just wants some bacon.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You Recipe for David, Senior Writer at Pork Belly Times Before we start we need: A six foot mold to fit everything into 206 bones (a few may crack over time, but that’s okay) 10 pints of type O- blood Over 100,000 glorious strands of long wavy dark-brown hair […]

Dear Adam and Eve, Imagine bacon roses, a whole field of them.

I got ninety-nine problems, but bacon ain’t one. Jay, you like bacon?