Last week, Pork Belly Times made their way to Midtown to check out the 24th edition of Art Miami. It is one of the premiere contemporary and modern art fairs in the United States. Galleries and artists from all over the world flocked down to Miami to showcase their art. There was plenty of color […]

This Monday Pork Belly Times attended the Iron Side Campus Collective Open House. The event kicked off Art week for us here at PBT. We met some great artists and fantastic characters at the event. We started the night on the far-end of the campus with the guys from Morphoto and made our way across […]

Today Pork Belly Times ventured into the Wynwood District to check out some street artists preparing for Art Basel. Some of the artists we found working on walls were locals, others however, traveled from far away places such as Greece. Most of the pieces are unfinished but will be done in time for Basel which […]

D= David R= Randy D     Thank you for joining us Randy. R     Thank you for having me. D    What was it like growing up in Baltimore? R     Gee whiz. I was very protected as a child. I was raised in a Jewish orthodox family. I didn’t go to school with the rest of the kids […]

Richard Kurtz: The Man Behind the Art, Part I D= David R= Richard R     When I moved to New York in the late 70’s, early 80’s, I went to this gym on 14th street above this restaurant called Luciao’s. It was a real gym, like South Beach boxing, but more real. You had to walk […]

D= David R= Richard D     Thank you Richard, for sitting down with us today. R     Great to be here David as one of the inaugural artists. D     Not just one of the inaugural artists, THE inaugural artist. R     The golden calf to the slaughter (laughter). D   […]