David Zalben: Wired, Part I D = David Collante    Z = David Zalben D     Your work draws beautiful women into this place. Z     Indeed it does, you’re witness to that. My own dwellings manifest these things which are an extension of my personality. I never do anything that’s for somebody else; I think that’s cheap […]

The streets of Miami are getting tagged up by vandals once more. This time the Department of Poetry Works, a part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, is rolling down the streets to do some drive-by poetry installations all around town. Artist, Randy Burman, is the founder of the Department of Poetry Works and all […]

The Sun beat the clouds with punishing rays all day . . .their dark screams, our shade.     David Collante – david@porkbellytimes.com

It’s cold this morning. I want to cuddle at home and have some bacon.   David Collante      david@porkbellytimes.com

Don’t weep sad salad. In a few short days bacon will join you again.   David Collante – david@porkbellytimes.com

A crow cawed at me, his gaze followed me closely . . . must want my bacon.   -David Collante David@porkbellytimes.com

Morgan Freeman says: “Haiku’s on Pork Belly Times are fucking awesome.”   David Collante David@porkbellytimes.com Want even more crispy poetry? Click Here

Work hard. Play hard. Fry harder!

Bacon will never give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you.   It’s not really a haiku, so what? You just got Rick Rolled… Bacon Style.   You’re welcome, David Collante David@porkbellytimes.com

I want a cold beer and bacon, crispy bacon. Who else wants bacon? -David Collante David@porkbellytimes.com