SCOPE Miami Beach 2021

SCOPE Miami Beach made its eagerly awaited return to the beautiful and iconic location on the sands of South Beach. Located just off 8th Street and Ocean Drive the art fair celebrated its 20th anniversary after a year of hiatus due to COVID. It was an impressive display of contemporary art from over 127 international exhibitors including many local Miami Art Galleries. The 2021 Edition of SCOPE highlighted a theme of, “The New Contemporary.”  

Upon entering fair-goers were greeted with a large atrium featuring a cave-like installation from Joan Jimenez (aka Entes) with Superchief Gallery NFT, who also featured a wall of NFTs. Victor Castillo’s Come Play with Us set with the background of the Miami Beach shoreline. Also featured was an immersive experience from Mister E exploring the theme of money in the form of neon lights in shapes of 100’s in vibrant colors. The atrium, after hours, transformed into a premium nightlife experience from various musical talents. 

Entering the main venue was everything you’d hope for from a fair that focuses on emerging contemporary art. Fair-goers were immediately greeted by the newest form of art, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. This was a large theme featured by many galleries, some exclusively showing solely NFTs. Mirus Gallery was highlighting tangible works from Nychos as well as his Barbie NFT which quickly became a viral sensation. Approximately 30% of the fair featured NFTs which shows the emergence and acceptance of this new medium by the art world and collectors alike.  

Other notables were the colorful and appealing work from Okuda represented by Ink and Movement. Arte Globale featured some very impressive sculptural busts from Domenico Ludovico sculpted from very rare stones including White Onyx and Calacatta Marble. The fantastic sculptural works were set to the background of colorful abstract expressionist works from Roberta De Mutiis. Mortal Machine Gallery, based out of New Orleans, featured eclectic and fun works from Riffblast, Mab Graves, and Ron English. One of our favorites was the “pixelated” works from Sveta Esser represented by Blue Gallery. Esser applies perfect squares of acrylic on canvas, each a unique hue and color, to form various recognizable faces and figures including the Mona Lisa.  

The 20th anniversary of SCOPE was a fair not to be missed and certainly did not disappoint. The time off due to COVID seemed to give many artists the opportunity to create memorable works of art. SCOPE being on the forefront of featuring emerging contemporary art. It is worth noting the number of NFTs on display as we expect this trend to continue and breakthrough to the mainstream art world. We look forward to the next edition of SCOPE Miami Beach, see you in 2022! 

Steven D Morse –