Scope Miami Beach 2016 returned to the sands of South Beach at the heart of the Art Deco District. The contemporary art fair, mirrors the atmosphere of neighboring Ocean Drive, with its lively, eclectic mix of fair-goers and collectors. This year, the fair featured 135 international galleries from 31 countries, representing both, established and emerging, contemporary artists. A recurring theme through the halls of Scope this year was a certain Pop-Art revival. Skulls were big, too. Pop culture is at the forefront of the contemporary art scene and it was certainly evident at Scope.

One such emerging artist tying pop culture into his work, is Zombiedan. The British artist, represented by Eaton Fine Art, makes work from layered stencils with a vandalized graffiti background reminiscent of gritty alleyways. The artist makes 5 different-colored originals from stencils and then sells the stencil piece as well. His subjects include Batman, Breaking Bad, and the Royals. All of the artist’s work sold at Scope, including, God Save the Vandal, which was acquired by Pork Belly Times.

Mixed media artist, Mr. RevRac, represented by Arteria Gallery had an installation that resembled something like a bomb. The installation makes glitching sounds as an eye on an LCD screen frantically looks around. His work explores the relationships between humans and technology and how we have become more intertwined. He uses screens depicting human eyes, hearts, brains, and other images to embody the “figurative ghost in the machine.” A true exploration of the human condition in the digital age.

Towards the end of our journey through Scope, a blue orb caught our attention from down the hallway. Big Blue Eye drew us into its space, which gave us an opportunity to meet its creator, Rudolf Burda. The Czech artist made the one of a kind piece from hand-blown glass. During his process if there are any bubbles in the glass he will discard the piece, he told us. He will do this over and over until the glass is free from imperfections.  We look forward to the unveiling of a new, 6 meter (approx. 20 feet), stainless steel sculpture that he’s been commissioned to make by Leica.

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