Artist Al Baseer Holly, or as he’s known, ABH, made his international debut at Art Miami 2016. He is represented by Palm Beach gallery, Arcature Fine Art. Beyond the goal of selling art this weekend, ABH and Arcature are providing collector’s an opportunity at philanthropy when they purchase one of his pieces during this year’s show. Fifty percent of the proceeds from ABH’s “Random Access Childhood” benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation.

The Perry J. Cohen foundation was established by Perry’s mother, Pamela Cohen, and his stepfather, Nicholas Korniloff to carry on Perry’s legacy and support what he was most passionate about. Last year Perry and a friend disappeared while on a boat off the coast of Palm Beach. The Perry J Cohen Foundation (PJCF) is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) devoted to the advancement of The Arts, Environmental, Marine & Wildlife Education and Preservation, Teenage Entrepreneurship, and Boating Safety Education. Shepard Fairey designed the graphic portrait for the foundation.

ABH’s work is quietly being acquired and commissioned by the likes of art collector and famed fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger said about ABH’s work “it’s the new pop culture art of today, mixing a colorful take on cartoon, humor, and an eclectic cool factor. It hangs with Warhol, Haring, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and Condo.”  We asked ABH about his Mike Tyson piece, and his answer couldn’t have been more representative of “the new pop culture Art” that Hilfiger Spoke of. He told us of the piece: “I did it inside of a crate. An art Crate. And inside the crate, was where an Andy Warhol painting of Muhamad Ali was delivered to my house. So, once I took that painting out and the other stuff that was in the crate, I drew my favorite boxer back into it.” Truly great art for a great cause.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and designer Tommy Hilfiger are just a few of the people that have donated in support of the foundation. By partnering with Arcature and ABH, Art Miami provided a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the Perry J. Cohen Foundation to a diverse, international crowd. For more information on the foundation please visit

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