Miami Beach, FL – December 4-7, 2014 – PULSE Miami Beach opened the doors to its 10th edition in their new home on the sandy shores of Miami Beach. The new mid-beach setting is vastly different from previous years location at The Ice Palace, in urban Miami. The change in scenery did not mean a change in the collection or PULSE’s good vibes. PULSE Miami Beach’s “cutting edge contemporary art” was delivered in signature fashion. The Art Basel satellite fair highlighted more than 50 female artist and over 25% of the collection as photography.

Upon entering PULSE Miami Beach, guests were treated to incredible photo-realistic works from Karen Knorr exhibiting with Danziger Gallery. The recognizable characters were on display as well, however, in unique fashion. Photography from Andy Warhol and well composed images by Laurie Lambrecht of Roy Lichtenstein at work painting, were some of the highlights. There were a lot of red dots on exquisite works within hours of PULSE’s opening. A large and completely captivating Jonathan Delafield Cook, charcoal on linen, sold for $40,000 right in front of our eyes. A number of collectors took advantage PULSE Miami Beach’s thoughtfully curated collection and acquired amazing works. PULSE Miami Beach’s sponsors include: Artsy, Catlin Insurance, tumblr., Art2O, Eden Roc, Living Divani, Zacapa Rum, and Shore Club.

Steven D Morse –