Ultra 2014 Day 1

Ultra 2014 Day 2 kicked off right where day one left off and Ultranauts from all over the world were on site to keep the party going.  Flags from all the corners of the earth were visible in front of every stage all day long. Sexy Swedish duo Rebecca and Fiona got the global celebration going early with a fun and in your face approach even calling out the people in the back to come in and join the party. After the girls finished the Dutch invaded the main stage. Duos Blasterjaxx and W&W had scores of Ultranauts pulsating under the Miami sun. From the sky deck across from the main stage the crowd could be seen bouncing and raving to every thumping beat from the DJs.

After W&W the crowd got a real treat from the hottest young DJ in the world right now, Martin Garrix. The not even legal to drink seventeen year old took the stage like a seasoned veteran and delivered one of the best performances of this year’s Ultra. I guess it’s easy to be confident when every DJ who played this weekend had your song in their set; even if it’s Deadmau5 turning it into Old MacDonald.

Elsewhere across Bayfront Park the party rolled on in every corner. At the Ultra Worldwide stage Brillz got the crowd hyped with his fun and energetic delivery. Far away from the main stage at the UMF Radio stage, duo Candyland gave a real treat to the lucky few who made the trek to that area of Bayfront Park early on day two. They remixed a slew a popular songs including Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What, which got a real rise from the crowd.

Back at the main stage the girls from Krewella gave an intermission to the Dutch invasion. They took the stage without the Rain Man but compensated for it by getting the crowd wet off their eargasmic sound. And they looked damn good doing it too. Then the dutch returned with Nicky Romero  murdering his set like a true viking invader. Even better than all the previous dutch DJs was the man who maybe should have been the headliner of day two, Armin Van Buuren. During his set not only did the crowd roar, but so did the Miami sky. A nasty little storm hit Bayfront Park, but a little rain didn’t stop the party; the wetter the better.

Then there was Deadmau5. The DJ was filling in for Avicii who fell ill earlier in the week and had to cancel his performance. Earlier this year Deadmau5 was already quoted as not wanting to play Miami clubs anymore and he didn’t seem pleased to be called as a last-minute replacement for this year’s Ultra. At several points during his set he stepped away from the turntables to just talk to the crowd. Day one’s headliner, Tiesto didn’t take it lightly that the mau5 man took a shot at his friend Martin Garrix and took to twitter about it. Even worse was that mau5 didn’t even finish his set. He left about five minutes early, leaving the crowd a little confused and without the expected bang that everyone craves from the headliner.

Thankfully, at the live stage, Empire of the Sun delivered an amazing closing performance despite its 30 minutes duration due to rain delay. Luke Steele, donning his iconic eclectic gold regalia, rocked the crowd with his Electro-psychodelic sound. Day two of Ultra left us wet and wanting more.

Ultra 2014 Day 3

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