December 10, 2013

Pigs Fly at Art Miami

Last week, Pork Belly Times made their way to Midtown to check out the 24th edition of Art Miami. It is one of the premiere contemporary and modern art fairs in the United States. Galleries and artists from all over the world flocked down to Miami to showcase their art. There was plenty of color to catch your eye, and some pretty daring installations to challenge your imagination (looking at you Peter Marcelle Gallery). Seriously though, that one old naked lady that looked like she was floating by artist Marc Sijan was straight out of a Stephen King novel. Westwood Gallery had some Man Ray’s on display as well as a rare showcase of photographer Bob Adelman’s work with the pop artists featuring Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselman. Their neighboring gallery, Rudolf Budja drew large crowds when a local artist showed up to paint a Lamborghini -live-.

Projected, interactive, and video art was featured in healthy doses around the Art Miami tent, with little projectors strategically placed to bring certain pieces to life. Animals were a popular theme in this year’s incarnation of Art Miami, too. Local galleries such as Zadok and Now Contemporary displayed fantastical animal pieces by artists Enrique Gomez de Molina and Federico Uribe respectively. One artist, Qin Weihong, represented by Art Lexing, struck the right chord with us here at Pork Belly Times with a piece titled “Longing for Happiness.” It was a little pink piglet with wings and gold ears that may or may not have been longing for happiness, but it certainly brought joy into our hearts.

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