December 11, 2013

Getting Wet at Aqua

Last Thursday, December the 5th, Pork Belly Times went to the Aqua Hotel on South Beach to visit the ninth edition of Aqua Art Miami. Aqua is the more relaxed little sister of Art Miami. The two-storied Aqua Hotel provided an intimate setting in the heart of Miami Beach’s Art Deco district for fair-goers to enjoy the art. The hotel rooms acted as the showrooms for the art, sometimes even the bathroom was utilized to showcase pieces; definitely a unique art fair experience that’s unlikely to be found at some of the bigger galleries that came down for Art Week. The small rooms sometimes forced you to literally rub elbows with some of you fellow fair-goers, which would often catalyze conversations about the art, or the fashion, or the general scene present at Aqua. It was a refreshing way to experience these fairs.

The Lyons Wier Gallery caught our attention for their collection of socially conscious pieces from various artists that flowed seamlessly into one another. Edie Nadelhaft’s Pills visualized our present tech craze, which was then amplified by their placement next to Greg Haberny’s frantic pieces about our cultural ADHD, and Kevin Burgeois’ pop culture homage triptychs. The colors, the pills, the afros and the general attitude that decorated the walls was very SoBe. Demitra Copoulus’ colorful hair pieces were very tempting to try on. Richard Ankrom’s fetish figurines were another attention-getter. We were particularly fond of the fetish pigs because that’s just how Pork Belly Times rolls.

The night was replete with artists, buyers, celebrities, and even a girl that jumped in the pool… it was pretty great.

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