December 12, 2013

Deep Fried in Basel

Last Saturday, December the 7th, Pork Belly Times attended Art Basel 2013 Edition in Miami Beach. The Miami Beach Convention Center was by far the largest venue during Art Week and it contained the most sought after artwork by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Works by Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Marc Chagall, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alexander Calder, and many, many more were featured prominently across the halls of the convention center. What separates Art Basel from other art fairs around the world is that the art is for sale. Serious buyers and aficionados can see the prices of the master pieces on display. There were some Picassos that were going for upwards of twenty million dollars. Art Basel brings together masterpieces that are normally scattered across the globe into one place. It’s a truly unique opportunity to experience art from around the world.

The art didn’t stop on the walls though, some of the fashion that event attendees wore was art in its own right: Fedoras, bow-ties, high heels, see-through dresses, jewelry, watches, cravats, furs, crocodile skin, you name it, it was there. We didn’t see any bacon dresses but maybe next year Lady Gaga might make that happen (We dare to dream at PBT). The sheer amount of Artwork housed at the convention center was almost enough to cause sensory overload. The Collector’s Lounge provided a pleasant reprieve. Even the most ardent of art lovers can use a break after looking through so many masterpieces. And while they rested, they could admire the work of a watchmaker from Audemars Piguet, who  was diligently working on watch movements. Davidoff was also present rolling cigars. Pork Belly Times truly enjoyed the experience that was the 2013 edition of Art Basel and looks forward to another sizzling edition next year.

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