Hello all, my name is David and I’d like to welcome you to a blog that finds its roots in the sandy beaches of South Florida. This is my first experience blogging and like many firsts the flurry of optimistic anticipation fills my fingers as they embrace the keys. For years my friend Steven has been trying to convince me to make my way into the blogosphere–which, of course, I like many others suffering from terrible bouts of crippling procrastination never got around to doing-.  So if anything, my sitting at the keyboard at this particular moment is a testament to the power of perseverance, not my own, but that of my friend (who by the way will be providing image content and other support to the site). Kudos, Steven. What will I talk about here? Whatever the ebb and flow of life washes upon my shore. Whether it be social issues, poetry, sports, the latest music I’ve heard, or deeper evaluations of the self, I simply cannot predict where I will go with it or more truthfully, where it will take me. And so I eagerly join the multitude of voices that populate the internet in the hopes that maybe my own uncouth and unkist perspective will resonate with some of you beyond the seeming cacophony that’s out there.

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