Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You
Recipe for David, Senior Writer at Pork Belly Times

Before we start we need:

A six foot mold to fit everything into
206 bones (a few may crack over time, but that’s okay)
10 pints of type O- blood
Over 100,000 glorious strands of long wavy dark-brown hair
Two deep brown eyes
Over 600 muscles, countless neurons, some connective tissue, a thin layer of fat
And about 8 pounds of café-con-leche colored skin

Cooking Directions:

Part 1

Gestate ingredients for approximately 9 months
Baptize no later than 3 days after birth
Bestow name worthy of kings
Place in home with loving mother
Expunge prodigal father, -replace with caring abuelita-
Skip siblings, instead add 2 tablespoons of piquant cousins
Add Disney movies and Nintendo 64
Let roast on the hot streets of Cartagena for 9 years

Part 2

Apply culture shock by abruptly transferring to the melting pot that is Miami Beach
-Immediately coat dish with heavy dose of introversion-
Let the boy simmer in assimilation, uncovered, until the introversion evaporates
Slowly pour bottle of English-as-a-second language, casually stirring, until completely absorbed
Throw a cello, a basketball, the original star wars trilogy, and some Pokémon into the mixture
Surround with a handful of good friends
Add 1 cup of the greatest biology teacher this side of Charles Darwin
Inject 100 ml of fondness for poetry directly into the soul
Add a pinch of ego, a splash of vanity, and ½ cup of narcissism

Part 3

Add 5 fl. oz. of college education
After about twenty years have elapsed, remove abuela, give her wings, let her watch over him
Leave unattended in laboratory setting playing with lasers and lab rats for a while
Come back to find him in a creative writing class, because, you know, he decided to be a writer
And finally, add bacon, this recipe needs bacon

Serve near a Beach or body of water, with a cold drink, and a hot date.

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