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Happy Fourth of July everyone and welcome to Pork Belly Times, an editorial born from the frying pan that is Miami in the summer. The blog may find its roots in the sandy beaches of South Florida but with all the sunshine and rainfall we get down here, the branches of topics we’ll discuss have grown to extend far beyond the confines of our picturesque shoreline. Art, music, medicine, technology, poetry, news, and yes of course, bacon will all find their way into our posts and conversations. Who knows, we might even get a little crazy and bring up the issue of silicon-based life forms, and no, not the ones tanning on the beach. The city of Miami sure has its share of vices: the beaches, the drinks, the drugs, the scantily clad women – and that’s just on weekdays -. We hope that the savory flavor of the Pork Belly Times lands it among your favorite vices.

The masterminds behind Pork Belly Times are photographer Steven D Morse, and writer, David Collante. Both of whom share a fondness for the crispy delicacy known as bacon. And if they do their job right, you might find yourself developing a similar fondness for the little project we call Pork Belly Times.

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